Born in 1979 in Gwang ju, South Korea, Jung-Yeon Min currently lives and works in Paris, France. Min began her art education at an arts high school in Korea, followed by four years at Hong Ik University in Seoul, and then three years at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux Arts in Paris.

Min’s works are sensory experiences, exploring the physical, tactile and, even at times, auditory senses. One finds multiple worlds, the extra-ordinary and the realistic, notions of micro and macro, and manipulations of space and time. She irresistibly draws people into her works with the variety of sensory experiences contained within her mysterious yet strangely familiar spaces.

In 2012, the Prize of the Partners of the Saint-Etienne Métropole Museum of Modern Art, France, was unanimously awarded – for the third time – to Min Jung-Yeon.

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MARCH 2013
Hada Contemporary
21 Vyner Street - London E2 9DG
contact: tom@hadacontemporary.com

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