ARCHITECTURE, ENGINEERING & CONSTRUCTIONBREAKING WITH TRADITION : Why the construction industry needs an industrial revolution

Until recently, the construction industry has suffered a technology bypass, relying on centuries-old processes and procedures to manage complex modern projects. Today, however, the same software applications that make manufacturing industries efficient are being deployed in building construction. Compass spoke with leading construction industry consultant Dr. Perry Daneshgari about why the industry must evolve.



Executive Vice President, Chief Strategy Officer

Dassault Systèmes


We live in a connected and always “on” world. The number of connected devices is estimated at 10 billion; that’s 1.4 devices for each of the world’s 7 billion people. In the next five years, as more devices become “smart,” that number is expected to skyrocket to 50 billion devices. With each new connection, consumer expectations will grow. People accustomed to instant access to information anytime, anywhere will want dazzling new experiences that leverage the power of connectedness.