INDUSTRY RENAISSANCETransforming invention, learning, production and trade

A profound societal transformation is underway on a scale not seen since the great European Renaissance. Then, Gutenberg’s printing press made books, and the knowledge they contained, available to all. Today, the new book is the experience. Digital technology, which enables virtual experiences, is enabling an Industry Renaissance that is shaking all sectors of society with new ways, both real and virtual, of inventing, learning, producing and trading.



Vice Chairman,

Chief Executive Officer

Dassault Systèmes


We’re experiencing a global Industry Renaissance, bringing new ways, real and virtual, of inventing, learning, producing and trading. Virtual experience platforms are the infrastructures of this new world, just like the printing press was in fifteenth-century Europe: the new book is the experience. Industry is not to be seen as the ‘means of production’ but rather a vision of the world and a value creation process. And value today is in the usage. The industry of the 21st century is a network of creation, production and exchange of experiences. This is why we see new categories of industrial firms creating new categories of solutions for new categories of customers. Tomorrow’s leaders will not be those with the most automated production systems, but those empowering their workforces and value networks with knowledge and know-how. Turning technicians into engineers and engineers into inventors. By blending bookwork and lab benchwork, experience platforms transform learning to give qualifications real competitive value. Don’t digitize the past, imagine the uses and jobs of tomorrow. Welcome to the Industry Renaissance!