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Cloud Business in the Age of Experience

Technology trends are disrupting the way business works today and many trends – including mobile, social and big data – are made transformational by a single underlying technology: cloud computing. The cloud model is radically different from its predecessors. While the mainframe and client/server eras favored large businesses with deep pockets, anyone with a credit card and a web browser can launch a cloud-based business in minutes. Compass explores why Cloud Business is the new catalyst for success in the Age of Experience – and what’s at stake for companies of all sizes.

Les entreprises et le cloud

La convergence des applications mobiles et sociales, et du Big Data sur le cloud change la donne concurrentielle.

As head of IDC Insights lines of business for Asia Pacific, Dr. Christopher Holmes is responsible for the research direction for IDC’s Energy, Government, Health, Manufacturing, and Retail Insights units within the Asia Pacific region. As head of International for IDC Manufacturing Insights, he also is responsible internationally for the IDC Manufacturing Practice, providing regional, factbased research and analysis on best practices and the use of information technology that assists clients in improving their capabilities in key process areas.

Un avantage concurrentiel

Les entreprises les plus performantes tirent parti des technologies de la 3e plateforme.

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Sécurité en nombre

La sécurité du cloud peut être supérieure si les entreprises font des choix avisés.

Changement en vue

Les technologies de l’information redéfinissent leur rôle dans la nouvelle réalité dématérialisée.

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