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Technology trends are disrupting the way business works today and many trends – including mobile, social and big data – are made transformational by a single underlying technology: cloud computing. The cloud model is radically different from its predecessors. While the mainframe and client/server eras favored large businesses with deep pockets, anyone with a credit card and a web browser can launch a cloud-based business in minutes. Compass explores why Cloud Business is the new catalyst for success in the Age of Experience – and what’s at stake for companies of all sizes.

A word from our CEO

The cloud is mysterious in some ways, yet the results are visible, touchable, user-friendly, in short, obvious.

We invented the 3DEXPERIENCE platform because we believed in our dream of providing a true, holistic experience of working together simultaneously from anywhere around the globe.

Respecting every point of view, in a cumulative and social way, inclusive of so many disciplines and people – this revolutionary way of collaborating would only become possible and be so simple with the new computing model that we all call cloud computing.

We invented our holistic navigation experience – so beautifully represented and instantiated by the 3DEXPERIENCE compass – because the cloud provides a new level of comprehensiveness that connects people willing to participate in projects with their opinions and their expertise, which in the end serves one purpose: create the best experience for their clients or consumers.

We redefined mobility for 3D applications due to the blurring frontiers between individual resources and shared resources on the cloud so people could do the amazing things once only possible with an expensive computing infrastructure and complex setup and administration.

We imagined that we could always be connected with our customers to ensure the best experience and instantaneous response – and that is also only possible with the cloud. With that very same method, our users will connect with anyone around the world to create, work, dream together, and ultimately, enjoy collaborative spaces as if they were in the same office.

We created our own cloud to understand every aspect of performance, simplicity, security, while scaling it so we could adapt very quickly to customer demand with transparency and integrity. In the end, 3DEXPERIENCE on the cloud is the closest solution to what we do and who we have been for years now: responsible and accountable to help you be more efficient and innovative.

Bernard Charlès
Vice Chairman, Chief Executive Officer
Dassault Systèmes


クラウドによって融合するモバイル、ソーシャル、 そしてビッグデータが、ビジネスの流れを優位に変える


クラウド ・コンピューティングがもたらすメリット


Jonathan Mallie氏: ショップ アーキテクツ社 プリンシパル兼ショップ コンストラクション(SC) 社 マネージング プリンシパル

As head of IDC Insights lines of business for Asia Pacific, Dr. Christopher Holmes is responsible for the research direction for IDC’s Energy, Government, Health, Manufacturing, and Retail Insights units within the Asia Pacific region. As head of International for IDC Manufacturing Insights, he also is responsible internationally for the IDC Manufacturing Practice, providing regional, factbased research and analysis on best practices and the use of information technology that assists clients in improving their capabilities in key process areas.


業績トップクラスの企業は 「第3のプラットフォーム」のテクノロジーを活用



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