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Sanofi scientists in Meriden, Connecticut, work on developing a potential vaccine for COVID-19, one of the many critical onsite activities supported by Sanofi’s remote workforce during the pandemic. Sanofi executives point to the global pharmaceutical company’s fast, smooth transition to a cloud-enabled, work-from-home model for 70% of its employees as one of the benefits of its digital transformation.(Image © Sanofi)

Life Sciences & Healthcare

순조로운 회복

팬데믹 시대의 생명과학 분야에서 핵심역할 수행하는 가상 경험

Francine Acher, Medicinal Chemist and Director of Research, Université de Paris (Image © Dassault Systèmes / Carlos Fetherstonhaugh)

Life Sciences & Healthcare

프랑스 파리 대학

수백만 명의 환자들을 위한 치료법을 개선하는 분자의 발견

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