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맞춤형 의료 혁명

차세대 진료 발전에 이바지하는 디지털 및 가상 기술

Image © Jonathan Alcorn / Bloomberg via Getty Images

신속한 사고

팬데믹 시대에서 부각된 비즈니스 민첩성(Agility)의 진가

Sanofi scientists in Meriden, Connecticut, work on developing a potential vaccine for COVID-19, one of the many critical onsite activities supported by Sanofi’s remote workforce during the pandemic. Sanofi executives point to the global pharmaceutical company’s fast, smooth transition to a cloud-enabled, work-from-home model for 70% of its employees as one of the benefits of its digital transformation.(Image © Sanofi)

순조로운 회복

팬데믹 시대의 생명과학 분야에서 핵심역할 수행하는 가상 경험

Image: CenterLine (Windsor) Limited, a Canadian industrial automation process andtechnology company, uses the virtual twin of the assembly lines it builds for itscustomers to verify robot movements and optimize its use of shop floor space, materialflow and ergonomic safety. (Image © CenterLine (Windsor) Limited)

위기 속에서 빛난 민첩성(Agility)

디지털 혁신에 성공한 제조업체가 코로나19로 인한 공급 차질을 해결한 방법

In this interactive 3D virtual twin of a city, created by international architecture and engineering firm Arup Group, the colored balloons represent different types of studies completed or being conducted by city departments. Each balloon links to information for its study. (Image © Arup Group)

위기에 민첩하게 대응하는 정부

버추얼 트윈을 통해 예기치 못한 상황에 민첩하게 대응하는 도시

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