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The world has moved online. From personal financial and medical information to the systems used to guide commercial airline traffic and run nuclear power plants, everything in the Internet era is accessible by computer – if you can bypass the security.

As governments and private businesses race to stay ahead of the hackers who make breaking into almost any system look like child’s play, Compass assesses the risks, the challenges and the politics of this global challenge to corporate and public safety.

A Word from our CEO

For the first time in history, the digital world generates more knowledge than the real world, and today true IP is less about physical capacity. As we are shifting towards an experience-centric world, the ecosystem and the combinative nature of creation are becoming more valuable than each individual piece of IP. While innovation is inseparable from the transmission of knowledge within an ecosystem, we have to find new models for security with the right balance between individual contribution, investment and total value creation for the consumer and society. This might be the key to cybersecurity.

Bernard Charlès
Vice Chairman, Chief Executive Officer
Dassault Systèmes

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대립 관계

공동의 적을 만나도 정부와 기업이 함께 대처하지 못하는 경우가 많다

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Eugene Kaspersky, Chairman and CEO of Kaspersky Lab, holds a large number of national and international awards for his technological, scientific, and business achievements. Kaspersky Lab specializes in antivirus and Internet security protection software and operates in more than 200 countries. (Photo courtesy of Kaspersky Lab)

경험의 목소리

유진 카스퍼스키(Eugene Kaspersky), 카스퍼스키 랩 회장 겸 CEO

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