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Doing Business in the Age of Experience

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The very technologies created to help make life more fun and manageable now threaten to overwhelm 21st century business. Laptops, tablets, cell phones. Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest. GPS, big data, cloud. How can any business cope with such complexity?

With powerful new business tools that forge connections, transform chaos into order and help companies create stellar experiences that delight customers. Welcome to doing business in the age of experience: connecting people, ideas, data and solutions.

A word from our CEO

'Doing business in the Age of Experience' represents a unique opportunity to break new ground and achieve great things in society. Holding onto a dream means that you run the risk of achieving it one day. Especially when the dream is inclusive of so many spontaneous talents willing to contribute. As connectivity and mobility are now more affordable, people have a new opportunity to ask questions, provide answers, and be part of this new connected society. As the world of 'making' is changing with 3D-printed, modular, reusable smart 'things,' people are also becoming 'actors in the making.' This creates a new business model that requires a business experience platform to innovate and 'make' together.

Bernard Charlès
Vice Chairman, Chief Executive Officer
Dassault Systèmes

변화 주도

사람, 데이터, 생각의 연결이 시장 지배력을 가속화한다.

경험의 목소리

디디에 에브라(Didier Evrard), Airbus 부사장 겸 Airbus A350 XWB 프로그램 책임자

스마트하게 일하기

새로 등장한 강력한 도구들 덕분에 기술은 모두에게 유용해지고 있다.

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