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Immersive Business in the Age of Experience

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Immersive virtuality (iV) technologies – ranging from augmented to virtual reality – are already bringing transformative levels of immediacy and realism to gamers, moviegoers and shoppers. As the technology becomes more affordable, iV has the potential to transform another sector – industry. Compass examines how iV will profoundly alter the way companies develop experiences for their customers and the promise of immersive business in the Age of Experience.

A word from our CEO

Innovation consists of imagining new worlds to live in by creating experiences that inspire and empower consumers and citizens. But how do you forge, experiment with and operate a new world? That’s where virtual universes are indispensable. They make it possible to connect different things and dimensions. They allow us to navigate, understand and model the past, the present and the future. Immersive virtuality brings this process to an even deeper level. Indeed, the world is a combination of matter and spirit, of the actual and the possible, of the real and the virtual. So, with immersive virtual universes, we’re creating the firstever full ‘digital mock-up’ of the world. Thanks to the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, immersive virtual universes become the catalyst and enabler of new possible worlds. That’s what we call 3DEXPERIENCE.

Bernard Charlès
Vice Chairman, Chief Executive Officer
Dassault Systèmes

현실로 다가온 몰입형 가상현실

VR과 AR이 저렴해지자 기업들이 이를 효과적으로 활용할 방법을 모색하기 시작했다


모니카 멩기니(Monica Menghini)

At Dassault Aviation, Diota’s augmented reality (AR) system guides operators in a diverse and complex assembly task. Instructions displayed on the assembly include which operations to carry out, as well as tool diameters and machine types to use. (Image © Diota)

오류 없는 제조

오류를 줄이거나 더욱 신속하게 찾아내는데 효과적인 몰입 기술

백문이 불여일견

가상현실(VR)은 자동차부터 부동산에 이르는 다양한 산업의 영업자들이 소비자들에게 상품을 소개하는데 유용하다

전문가 칼럼

케빈 할록(Kevin Hallock), 화이자(Pfizer)의 시각화 및 모델링 전문가

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