INDUSTRY RENAISSANCETransforming invention, learning, production and trade

A profound societal transformation is underway on a scale not seen since the great European Renaissance. Then, Gutenberg’s printing press made books, and the knowledge they contained, available to all. Today, the new book is the experience. Digital technology, which enables virtual experiences, is enabling an Industry Renaissance that is shaking all sectors of society with new ways, both real and virtual, of inventing, learning, producing and trading.


COMPOSITES IN DEMANDAs applications increase, researchers seek faster methods for producing composite parts

In the 60 years since composites were introduced, their remarkable strength-to-weight ratio and resistance to heat and corrosion have made them the go-to material for many high-performance applications. As both aerospace and automotive OEMs focus on high-volume production challenges, however, researchers are working to accelerate the pace for producing and certifying advanced composite parts.



Product designs that focus on features and functions are no longer enough to meet consumers’ expectations. Today, successful product innovation starts with understanding consumer needs and wants, and then crafts experiences that make the consumer’s life easier or more enjoyable. As a result, consumer goods organizations are abandoning a focus on what they can make and innovating by considering the experience from the user’s point of view.



Thanks to their ability to deliver drugs in safer, more effective and comfortable ways, new combination products are giving patients more opportunities to medicate themselves, rather than having to visit clinics or hospitals. The combination products sector is still in its infancy, however, so regulators have it under the microscope, prompting pharmaceutical companies and device manufacturers to develop new strategies for securing approvals.



With consumers demanding automobiles that reflect their lifestyles and personalities, the Transportation & Mobility (T&M) industry is under intensifying pressure to increase the level of vehicle customization it can offer. This shift requires manufacturers – both OEMs and their suppliers – to become significantly more agile and responsive. Today, new software solutions for digitalizing the extended enterprise are helping companies to anticipate customer demands and collaborate efficiently to achieve mass customization.



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В Эпоху впечатлений любая технология, способная расширить круг этих впечатлений у потребителей, воспринимается как благо. Иммерсивная виртуальность (iV) – весь спектр технологий от дополненной и виртуальной реальности до голограмм – относится к революционным разработкам, которые способны наделить бизнес невиданными преимуществами. Почему? Потому что в отличие от традиционных форм коммуникаций, иммерсивная виртуальность, в особенности виртуальная реальность (VR), обрабатывается той частью мозга, которая отвечает за эмоции и запоминание. Иными словами, компании с помощью iV могут создавать впечатления, которые позволяют установить контакт с заказчиками на эмоциональном уровне и создавать воспоминания, которые остаются надолго.

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