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The advantages of cloud computing

Ron Miller
11 June 2014

1 min read

A lot can be said for the advantages of adding (or subtracting) infrastructure and software in seconds, a benefit only available on the cloud. Here are some others:

Cost Control

Only pay for exactly the computing capacity you use. Cloud transforms computing into a utility, shifting it from a massive upfront Capital Expense to an ongoing Operating Expense.

Automatic Updates

Software updates put a major burden on your IT staff. With the cloud, updates happen regularly and automatically, requiring little attention from IT.

No More Racking and Stacking

Freed from the responsibility to install and maintain hardware, your IT staff can directly support the business. This reduces the chances that employees will use cloud services aimed at individuals, which can create security and compliance gaps.

Self Service

Cloud technology allows your IT department to establish a self-service portal with a list of approved services employees or departments can choose at will, based on each user’s pre-approved profile. Requests beyond a user’s authorization are automatically routed to management for review.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

Cloud services and apps typically work with all major mobile platforms, so your software development engineers can concentrate on only those custom projects they can’t buy off the shelf.

For more benefits, including increased innovation and global reach, watch the video of Andy Jassy, senior vice president of Amazon Web Services

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