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Monica Menghini: Executive Vice President, Chief Strategy Officer

3 March 2014

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In the Age of Experience, consumer engagement and loyalty are far more important than product features and functions. To delight consumers, we must differentiate our offerings by delivering truly innovative experiences.

Creating first-to-market experiences requires that more disciplines than ever, both in and outside of a company, work together at all phases of development. Today, leveraging ideas and expertise across a company’s entire ecosystem is critical, and seamless collaboration is the key.

The Internet makes the Age of Experience possible by removing the barriers to collaboration. It is the network upon which web-based applications and cloud-based business experience platforms enable industry-leading companies to “connect the dots” and develop stellar experiences.

In this networked world, cybersecurity is essential for protecting experience-related intellectual property (IP). For centuries, confidential information was protected inside the four walls of an executive conference room. Now, to seize the promise of the Age of Experience, a company and its partners, customers and consumers must be just as secure when they meet in an online, virtual room. Achieving that security is the shared responsibility of every concerned global citizen.

What’s to be done? Moving valuable IP to the Cloud is a start. Experts compare cloud computing to storing your most precious assets in a bank’s vault instead of at home. The shift to cloud-based environments such as the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform offer greater security because pooled resources can build and staff better defenses than a single corporation itself.

In addition, as experts Eugene Kaspersky and Richard A. Clarke urge in this edition’s cybersecurity cover package, we can join in demanding new operating systems and platforms built specifically for the Internet Age.

Awareness of the challenge is the foundation of action. Together and separately, we must each do our part to defend our shared online ecosystem. With vigilance, the full potential of the Age of Experience is ours to claim.

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