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Monica Menghini: Executive Vice President, Chief Strategy Officer

6 June 2016

1 min read

Hyperconnectivity. It’s a powerful word that is reshaping our world and how we interact with it, and it is growing more powerful day by day.

With each object and each living environment becoming online and connected, part of a global, real-time virtual map, our world is hyperconnected: the physical and virtual world are colliding, coming together and exchanging qualities. This is how autonomous cars will perfectly synchronize their movements on crowded highways or how friends will find one another in a crowd.

Unlike the paper maps our parents used, this map tells us not only about locations, but also about movements and desires. Each of us, as we move through this map, leaves a digital trail of data that explains and characterizes us. With each click, this data trail paints a more complete and intimate picture of each user. What we visit online, like, comment on, purchase, watch, pin, tweet and photograph records who we are, where we’ve come from, and where we’re going. When analyzed by powerful algorithms, it also maps what’s important to us. What we want. What we need.

For businesses, this is a monumental opportunity. For the first time, we can create “hyper-proximity” with each consumer, customer, user, and with the powerful communities created by all those connections. We can learn from the big data generated by these communities. We can sponsor new communities to tackle challenges unique to our industries and bring people together for mutual benefit. Depending on our specific expertise, we can interact with these communities to crowdsource better products, solve social challenges and cure diseases, or identify the hidden patterns that will unlock solutions to everyday issues both large and small.

With the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, we aim to help any industry sector assemble the virtual, real-time, dynamic map of the new, “hyperconnected and networked” business model to which they must adjust. To understand the digital trails. To analyze the consumer’s wants and needs. To offer help. To make suggestions. To fulfill the unexpressed wish.

3DEXPERIENCE factories.
3DEXPERIENCE hospitals.
3DEXPERIENCE research laboratories.
3DEXPERIENCE energy grids.
All hyperconnected, aware, and dynamically self-adjusting. All enriching the experience of product, nature and life. For the benefit of all.

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