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With the COP26 climate strategy gathering scheduled for November 2021 in Glasgow, pressure is mounting on corporations to deliver on their environmental promises. The big question: How? Although the answer will have many parts, one promising strategy applies virtual twins – the same technology that many companies already use to improve their products and processes – to the challenge of sustainability. Compass examines the potential.

A word from our CEO

Virtual technology was born for sustainability: it was first used in Industry for virtual prototyping, for doing things right the first time while saving materials and resources, capitalizing knowledge and know-how, and improving environmental handprints. The greatest power of the virtual world lies in unleashing imagination, in enabling people to imagine differently and growing our […]

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Navigating toward net zero

How virtual twin experiences help businesses forge a path to profitable, emissions-free operations


How companies use Virtual Twin Experiences to perfect all stages of their products

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