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Monica Menghini: Executive Vice President, Chief Strategy Officer

3 May 2013

1 min read

3D-printed couture is disrupting the fashion world, dotting the most sophisticated fashion runways with designs that are stunning. Fantastical. Memorable.

The technology used to create these dresses is as disruptive as the designs themselves. Fashion houses can output a thousand identical dresses, or make a few keystrokes and render each one an original.

Tweak the fit to the contours of a client’s body. Rescue a celebrity 12 time zones away who needs a dress tonight; it’s as easy as transmitting the code to a 3D printer near the customer’s location.

No shipping costs. No delivery delays. No lost business because the “factory” is half a world away.

This is the bold new shape of Manufacturing in the Age of Experience. Offshoring is out. Customization is in. The fixed limits of time, space, and materials, which have constrained manufacturing since humanity crafted its first crude tools, are beginning to blur. Thanks to advanced 3DEXPERIENCE technology, we can now manufacture almost anything, almost anywhere. We can collaborate without regard for time zones. Link scientists and engineers early and often, no matter where they reside. Simulate and test virtually, then print rapid prototypes. Or skip prototypes altogether and go straight to production. In short, everything we once knew about manufacturing is now open to question: Where we manufacture. What we manufacture. How much, for whom, and how we manufacture it. 

How CEOs lead their companies in answering these questions will affect everything, from the health of the global economy to the shape of our cities, the environment of our planet, and the future of our children.

The process of transformation has begun, the first swell in the biggest tsunami of change since Henry Ford perfected the moving assembly line. Like fine couture, however, the potential for manufacturing is as flexible as the human imagination.In this bold new Age of Experience, the shape of the future is ours to craft.

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