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When the COVID-19 pandemic struck, it quickly overwhelmed the ability of most businesses to manage the massive disruption of workforces, supply chains, consumption and logistics. The only businesses agile enough to emerge unscathed? Those with advanced virtual-experience strategies. Compass examines why business agility is so critical and what companies should be doing now – before the next wave of disruption arrives.

A word from our CEO

Disruption is greatly a matter of vision. This makes virtual twin experiences even more valuable today. Why? Because they provide you with new eyes to observe reality. Real-world evidence is about collecting data, precious information, which can be represented in the virtual twin experience. For businesses to fully understand real-world evidence, they must be able […]

Image © Jonathan Alcorn / Bloomberg via Getty Images

Quick thinking

How a pandemic taught the world to value business agility

Image: CenterLine (Windsor) Limited, a Canadian industrial automation process and
technology company, uses the virtual twins of the assembly lines it builds for 
customers to verify robot movements and optimize its use of shop floor space, material
flow and ergonomic safety. (Image © CenterLine (Windsor) Limited)

Agility in a crisis

Manufacturers equipped with virtual-experience technologies stepped into the COVID-19 supply gap

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