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Industries ranging from pharmaceuticals and health care to food and materials all depend on scientists’ ability to understand and manipulate molecules. Since 2003, when the human genome was mapped, genetic information has become an important factor in targeting molecules for life science research.
But as our understanding deepens and expands, the challenges of scientific innovation become more complex. Compass explores the new tools and techniques scientists are using to innovate today – and how Scientific Innovation in the Age of Experience may change our futures.

A word from our CEO

Science is a product of imagination. Of guided imagination. Because science – like art – does not imitate nature. It transcends it. It does not consist simply of deducing theories from collected data. The scientific process always starts with the invention of a possible world. Imagination in science is guided by logic, by the rules […]

Modeling life

Simulation helps scientists explore and predict

The data explosion

Scientists come to grips with Big Data’s pitfalls and promise

Tech transfer

Coordinated handoffs result in a better product

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