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Strategic Marketing in the Age of Experience

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Mobile technology and social media have taken the world by storm. Together, these technologies are a boon for marketers, generating a wealth of big data for analysis and insights. These insights help marketers personalize experiences for increasingly demanding consumers with technologies that include 3D visualization and augmented reality.

The silver cloud of more information, however, has a dark lining: as marketing channels proliferate, budgets stagnate and consumer expectations soar, marketers are struggling to deliver on the potential of their profession’s rapidly shifting landscape. Compass explore the promise – and the pitfalls – of Strategic Marketing in the Age of Experience.

A word from our CEO

Our 3DEXPERIENCE platform, with its game-changing holistic capabilities, elevates collaborative design thinking to ‘collaborative experience thinking’ this is the ultimate aim of fusing marketing and engineering in a seamless experience, in which you can’t decide whether the story shaped the product or the product shaped the story. Bernard CharlèsVice Chairman, Chief Executive OfficerDassault Systèmes

Marketing comes of age

Armed with data-driven strategies, marketing shifts the balance of power in business


Creating record-breaking demand with gaming


Social swipe makes giving a game


Tracking social media for strategic marketing insights

Acura NSX

Omni-channel marketing with all digital assets


Demonstrating the value of a premium product


Digital images for a fast moving industry


Assembling a virtual outfit

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