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Monica Menghini: Executive Vice President, Chief Strategy Officer

17 May 2015

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We are in the midst of a revolution in brand building. Old marketing models no longer generate results. In the old economy, industries focused on standardization, mass production and a singular marketing policy. But today, with the amount of information available in the new economy, companies are excelling at understanding consumers by analyzing their behaviors.

This improved understanding has led to customized and even personalized products. But the biggest insight is that we now know we must go beyond delivering on product values to close the sale. Consumers of the new economy demand more: personal experiences.

As a marketer, I share the passion of making a difference in the lives of consumers. I don’t believe in product lifecycles or brand lifecycles that fade and die. I believe we can keep brands relevant forever, provided we define their equities and offerings in ways that deliver on customer needs, aspirations and dreams. I believe in strategies and plans that reach consumers holistically, throughout their days and throughout their lives – not just when they are reading our Facebook page or watching our advertising.

The transformation of marketing strategy into a “steps-of-experience” strategy, embedded into consumers’ lives, is at the heart of Dassault Systèmes’ 3DEXPERIENCE business vision. Experiences are no longer confined to limited areas, such as consumer goods categories or the entertainment and tourism industries. Today they apply to all. Sociologists believe this business trend is linked to a general increase in the worldwide population’s demand for experiences. It is no longer enough to simply keep up with communication technologies so that we can speak through more channels. Instead, we must bring a relationship mindset to our marketing activities. Our brands, and all touch-points of our communication, must be authentic, generous, personal and experiential.

Business is becoming personal because the ways in which consumers experience our offerings is personal. Transforming our marketing programs from a product or promotion into personal experiences ensures that consumers will be delighted to share them with others through any media. This is the business “bottom line” of the future.

To help marketers achieve this bottom line by turning their businesses into true experiences, Dassault Systèmes acquired RTT, a leader in digital marketing, and transformed it into our new 3DEXCITE brand. Combined with the power of the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, 3DEXCITE is helping companies conquer the new terrain of marketing. In the new economy, marketers of any industry must create marketing programs that reach customers or consumers with compelling experiences that set their hearts on fire.

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