Scott Sports

Endless custom possibilities

17 May 2015

1 min read

Marketing seemed the next logical place. After all, Scott Sports already had the detailed images and even unique perspectives – like the interior layers of shoes – that could be translated to catalog, website and marketing materials. 

The goal, according to 3D Digital Design Manager Ryan Bloodworth, was to become more efficient and cost effective, but also more timely and creative. For instance, photorealistic 3D renderings of a roadbike shoe can be integrated into marketing materials long before the first shoe comes off the manufacturing line.

Unlike traditional photography, which requires dozens of shots for each version of a shoe, 3D digital images can be customized in a computer with different colors and fabrics for different marketing purposes with just a few mouse clicks, and the image can be rotated and tipped to create any angle the designer needs. 

Scott Sports has recently been experimenting even further, with ideas such as allowing consumers to choose various ski helmets and goggles and view what the combinations would look like together.

“This industry is still fairly traditional, unlike the automotive industry, for example, where technology is heavily used to help customers customize or visualize their products,” Bloodworth said. “Our goal is to inform and encourage people to go into retail shops to buy Scott products. We can use technology to show them the possibilities.” ◆ 

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