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Remember the last time a product or service genuinely delighted you? Remember the urge to tell everyone about it? If so, you’ve had a first-hand glimpse into how products and services transcend ordinary offerings to become Experiences. Even in commoditized markets, Experiences command substantial price premiums and unflagging loyalty. So why don’t more companies create them? In “The Age of Experience” cover package, Compass explores the opportunities and obstacles of crafting Experiences and meets a few of the innovators who are stepping up to the challenge.

A word from our CEO

I have always dreamt of a virtual world that could expand and improve the real world. I once sketched my vision of a platform connecting people, ideas and knowledge. It comes true today with the Dassault Systèmes compass, the first 3DEXPERIENCE platform. Through Compass magazine, share in the enterprise: unlock imagination to reach new horizons!" Bernard CharlèsVice Chairman, Chief […]

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