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The cloud makes disruptive business models – from Amazon and Alibaba to Uber and Airbnb – possible. To compete in a digital world, established companies need the same advantages that have powered these disruptive digital natives, and they’re only available on the cloud. So why are some enterprises hesitating? Compass examines the benefits of the cloud and debunks the myths that discourage companies from responding to the Cloud Imperative in the Age of Experience.

A word from our CEO

Why is Dassault Systèmes disruptive? Because we are reducing the distance between the virtual world and the real world to zero. Why is the cloud disruptive? For the exact same reason – it reduces the distance between people to zero. This new-found proximity is giving rise to entirely new models for business. Through its ability […]

Cloud and more cloud

Companies are harnessing the public cloud as a critical enabler for competitive business

Vanishing objections

Many of the reasons enterprises have resisted cloud are no longer relevant

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