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Around the globe, healthcare systems were stretched to the breaking point even before the COVID-19 pandemic. And the trends that are stressing them—soaring costs, an aging population, and resources that aren’t keeping pace with growth—will only accelerate.

Something has to change, and experts increasingly look to novel applications of emerging technologies to make healthcare more affordable, available, personalized and convenient. Compass looks at the trends and technologies that are beginning to shift healthcare’s future in a more sustainable direction.

A word from our CEO

Imagine being able to understand, model, search, test, and treat a human body as precisely and safely as we already can do for a plane today. Just as there was a before and after the virtual twin of the Boeing 777, there will be a before and after the virtual twin experience of the human […]


Healing hearts


Better, faster trials for healthier lives


Personalized empowerment

CELLINK produces bioink and bioprinting technology so scientists can 3D-print organs. (Image © CELLINK)


Bioprinted organs aim to raise transplant success

The Biomodex EVIAS
(endovascular intracranial aneurysm solution) models a specific patient’s
aneurysm, allowing
detailed advance planning of surgery. (Image © Biomodex)


Simulating lifesaving medical procedures

EPINOV aims to improve epilepsy surgery by modeling a patient’s brain in virtual 3D. (Image © EPINOV)


Finding peace of mind with customized brain treatments

IASO is a combination product developed as a demonstration project by Dassault Systèmes. (Image © Dassault Systemes)


Demonstration project improves the patient experience

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