A word from our CEO

6 July 2020

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Imagine being able to understand, model, search, test, and treat a human body as precisely and safely as we already can do for a plane today. Just as there was a before and after the virtual twin of the Boeing 777, there will be a before and after the virtual twin experience of the human body. It integrates modeling, simulation, information intelligence and collaboration. It brings together biosciences, material sciences and information sciences. It makes it possible to understand the invisible to represent the visible. Industry, researchers, physicians and patients can then visualize, test, understand and predict what cannot be seen—from the way drugs affect a disease to surgical outcomes—before a patient is treated.

This new world made of real and virtual calls for new social, moral, legal and manufacturing conventions, as we can clearly see from the COVID crisis. The personalized health revolution is a political and industrial issue before being an economic or technological one. Because “the only progress is human,” virtual experience with the human body opens up new possibilities. We call it harmonizing product, nature and life.

Bernard Charlès
Vice Chairman, Chief Executive Officer
Dassault Systèmes

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