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A global Industry Renaissance is underway, a rebirth inspired by people for people. Virtual world are the media of this disruption and virtual experience platforms are its infrastructure, bringing accessible, augmented knowledge and know-how to all. Compass examines why Industry Renaissance is happening, how it is transforming the basis of competitive advantage, and looks at some of the companies that are making it a reality.

A word from our CEO

We’re experiencing a global Industry Renaissance, bringing new ways, real and virtual, of inventing, learning, producing and trading. Virtual experience platforms are the infrastructures of this new world, just like the printing press was in fifteenth-century Europe: the new book is the experience. Industry is not to be seen as the ‘means of production’ but […]

Florence Verzelen – Excecutive Vice President Industry Solutions, Marketing, Golbal Affairs, Communications

The Dassault Systèmes view

Florence Verzelen: Executive Vice President, Industry Solutions, Marketing, Global Affairs and Communications

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