Workforce of the Future

Understand how a fast-changing world is transforming the way businesses train and support their workers

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Grant Thornton International is a company that puts supporting women in the workplace as part of their DNA, including both women and men in the discussions. (Image courtesy of Grant Thornton International)

Workforce of the Future

Fostering inclusivity to close the gender gap

Women’s initiative networks are helping firms to attract and retain a more diverse and inclusive workforce

Employers meet with prospective future workers at the 2018 Euronaval exhibition. The Navire des Métiers is a new, special area at the exhibition
for meetings between students, professionals and Euronaval partner institutions and is focused on promoting jobs in the naval industry in France.
(Image © Campus des Industries Navales)

Workforce of the Future

Working together

Employers and educators team up to alleviate shortage of middle-skill workers

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